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Business introduction

Cultivated land is the basis of agricultural development, food security and livelihood of farmers. It is the most valuable resource for agricultural production, farmers' livelihood and rural development. For a long time, the national condition of a large population and little land has made agricultural production in our country adhere to the mode of high input and high output. However, the long-term high intensity and overload use of cultivated land is of great concern, which is manifested as the "three low" problems, such as large area of medium and low yield land, large area of cultivated land quality degradation, large area of pollution cultivated land, low machine quality content, low grade of supplementary cultivated land, and low basic fertility.

In response to the above problems, BGB has established a professional "soil improvement" technical service team and is determined to become a leading soil improvement and remediation expert in China. Its service targets include the government, large and medium-sized enterprises (planting, organic fertilizer, supply chain enterprises, etc.) and terminal farmers and consumers. The company has also developed business models such as "county cultivated land soil improvement, organic agriculture project around water, soil fertility enhancement project, construction of high-standard farmland" and "market marketing", and is committed to "soil without war, rice full, rich soil carbon fixation, fruitful and turning".

Core Technology

Advantage on Raw Material

Strain advantages

Service advantage

  • Resource recyclability

    Sustainable development of human needs resource products, BGB has an unique production technology of active biological humic acid.

  • Higher security level

    The BGB bio-humic acid was the first to pass the double organic standard certification in China and abroad, and all of the 14 indexes, especially the 9 heavy metal indexes, met the standards

  • Carbon sources are more unique

    The BGB bio-humic acid has lower molecular weight , higher biological activity and more functional groups, is easier to be absorbed and utilized by plants and microorganisms

  • More significant effect

    BGB bio-humic acid is rich in a variety of functional groups containing "carbon", which is easy to be absorbed and utilized by soil, plants and microorganisms, and its molecular weight distribution is reasonable

The Microbiology laboratory of BGB has established a systematic bacterial species resource bank for compost fermentation (high-temperature bacteria), land cultivation restoration (biocontrol functional bacteria), functional recombination (complex functional bacteria), among which there are more than 100 functional bacteria. By taking advantage of the functional complementarity of different functional bacteria, a complex bacterial community complementary system has been established for bacteria, fungi and actinomyces. Relying on the Engineering Technology Center, the research office has carried out in-depth cooperation with China Agricultural University, Nanjing Agricultural University, Huazhong Agricultural University, China University of Mining and Technology and other scientific research colleges and universities to carry out exchanges and cooperation in the transformation of theories into scientific research and promotion in the way of school-enterprise joint.

  • High temperature bacteria: degrading cellulose bacteria, degrading protein bacteria, degrading starch bacteria, degrading oil bacteria.

    More than 20 effective strains have been obtained, and more than 10 functional strains have been verified. By using different functions of different high-temperature bacteria and other strains to compound, an efficient and environmentally friendly fast composting system has been established to improve the composting fermentation effect and level of kitchen waste and fecal residue.

  • Functional bacteria: biocontrol functional bacteria, salinization repair bacteria, continuous cropping barrier improvement bacteria

    A biocontrol strain system with trichoderma, actinomyces and bacillus as the main strains has been established. More than 30 functional strains have been obtained, including biocontrol, salinization control and continuous cropping obstacles, and more than 10 functional strains have been verified. It has significant effect on soil continuous cropping obstacle, soil salinization and plant disease control.

  • Composite functional bacteria: soil repair composite bacteria, salinization repair composite bacteria, continuous cropping barrier growth promotion composite bacteria, compost fermentation composite bacteria.

    The combination of friendly strains and functional complementary strains, combined with high organic matter content and other substrates, can not only establish the dominant bacterial community represented by complex functional bacteria in soil, but also improve the optimization of soil structure and improve soil fertility.

BGB has set up a professional market service team of more than 20 people, including 1 Doctor and 4 Master. Over a period of three years, more than 5,000 mu of experimental and demonstration fields were built in key markets such as Shandong, Yunnan, Anhui, Shaanxi, Hebei and Jiangxi, creating a model of soil improvement with“Crops” as the core. More than 20 crop soil improvement solutions, including Apple/cherry, navel orange, grape, ginger and facility vegetables, can be developed to provide customized soil improvement services to farmers through specialized technical teams.

Project Case

Core product

BGB uses the "bio-enhanced humification" technology to rapidly degrade and transform high-protein and high-energy substances from animals, plants and Marine organisms into bio-humic acid. Combined with functional microorganisms, BGB has developed five types of products, including "organic soil conditioner", agricultural microbial agent, composite microbial fertilizer and biological shelter agent, to meet different market demands.

Advantages of BGB bio-humic acid products

  • Ocean

  • Poultry

  • Grain

  • Vegetable

High protein, high energy table leftovers fermented, hormone-free, very low in heavy metals.
High-carbon formula, containing active beneficial bacteria: application into the soil can rapidly improve soil organic matter, beneficial bacteria in the product can cooperate with indigenous bacteria, effectively inhibit the breeding of pathogenic bacteria.
It contains a variety of secondary metabolites of auxin produced in the process of biological fermentation, such as GA3, IAA, CTK, etc., which can regulate the secondary metabolism of crops, increase the sweetness and aroma of fruits, enhance plant stress resistance and increase yield.
Bio-fermentation technology allows the product to retain the maximum amount of medium and trace elements in the raw materials, such as Ca, Mg, Fe, B, Zn and Mn.

Customized service

BGB vigorously promotes green and ecological planting to help rural revitalization. Through market services, BGB goes into the fields to solve the last one kilometer of agricultural planting problems. Facing all kinds of obstructed soil, BGB has formed 12 soil improvement programs for key crops such as strawberry, grape, apple and citrus, and has improved all kinds of obstructed soil by 10 million mu times.