Company Profile

Company profile

Beijing Golden Way Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established in 2001 with a registered capital of 79.46 million yuan. It is an environment-soil integrated service provider focusing on organic waste resource disposal and soil improvement services.
Core technology: "Bioenhanced Humification Technology" won the second prize of the National Technological Invention Award, the Gold Medal of China Patent and the first Prize of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.
Core product: Multifunctional soil conditioner with organic sources, which is composed of biological humic acid, functional microorganisms and microbial secondary metabolites, and other bioactive substances. In 2012, it was awarded the only "soil conditioner" fertilizer registration certificate issued by the Ministry of Agriculture with kitchen surplus organic materials as raw materials.
Qualifications and Honors: BGB is the National key Leading Enterprise in Agriculture Industrialization; High and New Tech Enterprises; Global clean technology Top 100, Beijing specialized and new "little giant" enterprise, won the fourth Paulson Sustainable Development City Award, 2019 humic acid fertilizer top ten brands, eight consecutive years of solid waste industry organic waste recycling annual leading enterprise. It was listed as a teaching case by Harvard Business School in 2010.
BGB is committed to promoting sustainable development of environmental protection and agriculture towards "renewable resources, more environmentally friendly, healthier soil and better food quality".

Gong Hongjia Actual controller  

1994: Founded TECSUN Radio, the No.1 brand of radio in China
2001: Founded Hikvision through angel investment
One of the leading companies in the field of security video surveillance in China
One of the highest listed TMT high-tech companies in China by market capitalisation
2022: Gong Hongjia is ranked 138th on the 2022 Forbes Global Billionaires List and 32nd on the 2022 Mainland China Rich List with a wealth of US $13.2 billion.

Wang Jiguo General Manager

By using "bio-enhanced humification" technology, we are able to bring organic carbon back to the soil, returning the soil to health, restoring the taste of agricultural products to their childhood, enabling food production to improve quality and efficiency, and creating a sustainable future for future generations! BGB will insist on being a responsible, passion, warm and innovative integrated environmental and soil enterprise!!

Corporate Culture


An explorer and leader
in organic waste resourcing in China

Company orientation

We are an integrated service provider focusing on organic waste resource disposal and soil improvement

Core Values

Respectful and caring staff
To Goodness and Integrity in Business
Innovation and win-win cooperation
Giving back to the community with gratitude

Team requirements

Integrity loyalty honesty
Commitment passion thrift

Historical evolution


Technological innovation to open up cross-border standards.
The expert of preserving the land Complete the industrial layout of first-tier cities
Technology + Platform Integrated service of the environment and soil

In 2001, BGB was established in Zhongguancun, Beijing. Preliminary research and development of BGB strains; Composting, small reduction equipment research and development.

In 2005, the first kitchen waste treatment station was built and put into operation in Shangdi Street, Haidian District, Beijing.

In 2007, the first batch of innovative enterprises in Zhongguancun

In 2008,The sole operator of the Olympic Village for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the establishment and operation of the Olympic Village kitchen waste disposal station; Outstanding Contribution Award for the 20th anniversary of Zhongguancun Science Park.

In 2010, The first batch of key enterprises to cultivate in the Zhongguancun "Gazelle Plan", the benchmark enterprise of Chinese kitchen waste treatment industry,  listed as the MBA teaching case by Harvard Business School.

In 2012Global top 100 clean technologyChina's Top 20 clean Technologies

In 2013China Patent Gold AwardThe First prize of Environmental Protection Science and TechnologyChina's top 100 agrochemical service enterprises

In 2014Second prize of National Technical Invention

In 2016,The most investment value Innovation Technology Award、The most investment project award

In 2017,The fourth Paulson prize for Sustainable Cities

In 2019,National key leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization

In 2021,Key Laboratory of Bio-organic Fertilizer Production, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs、Beijing“Specialized and New” small giants、Annual leader in organic waste recycling in solid waste industry for eight consecutive years

In 2022,Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games kitchen waste resource disposal project,Boost low-carbon Olympic Games





Organic Certification

Beijing Engineering Research Centre for Biological Conversion of Organic Waste Resources

Laboratory Accreditation Certificate

Key Laboratory of Bio-organic Fertilizer Creation,Ministry of Agriculture,P.R.China

Key Leading Enterprises in Agricultural Industrialization

First Prize in Environmental Protection Science and Technology

Paulson prize for Sustainable Cities

Beijing Technology Research Centre for Organic Waste Resourceisation

Certificate of registration of soil conditioning agents

High and New Technology Enterprise Certificate

National Technical Invention Award

China Patent Gold Award Certificate

National leaders attach importance to us

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang inspected the kitchen waste resource recycling station in the Olympic Village.

Li Qiang, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Committee, investigated the factory station

Chinese President Xi Jinping inspected BGB during an investigation of the Zhongguancun National Innovation Demonstration Zone.